6/7/2021-6/9/2021Virtual2021 SDRME Summer Meeting Agenda
Celebrating our Legends
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5/10/20212021 Summer Business Meeting2021 Summer Business Meeting Agenda
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2021 SDRME Committee Reports
10/28/2020SDRME Virtual Business MeetingSDRME Fall Business Meeting Agenda
SDRME Fall Business Meeting Minutes
Committee Reports
7/27/2020-7/29/20202020 SDRME Virtual Meeting2020 SDRME Virtual Meeting Program
Incentivizing Medical Teachers - handout
Incentivizing Medical Teachers - audio
Assessment Beyond the Individual - Audio
NBME Presentation (Anderson & Rubright)
Milestones 2.0 - handout
Milestones 2.0 - audio
AAMC Update - handout
AAMC Update - audio
6/30/20202020 Summer Business Meeting Reports and Minutes2020 Business Meeting Agenda
2020 Updated Position Descriptions and Term Limits
2020 Summer Treasurer Report
2020 Nomination Committee Report
2020 List of Upcoming Nominations Needed
2020 Membership Committee Report
2020 International Committee Report
2020 Communications Committee Report
2020 Save the Date for 2021 SDRME Summer Meeting
2020 Invited Review Committee Report
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6/2/2019-6/4/2019Albuquerque, NM
2019 Summer Meeting Agenda
Summer Business Meeting Agenda
Defining Success in Med Ed Units
Understanding and Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Facutly Development
Ultrasonography in Undergraduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review
Reconceptualizing remediation in practicing physicians-Bourgeois-Law
Summer Meeting Reports
2019 SDRME Summer Meeting Participants
11/3/2018Austin, TXFall SDRME Business Meeting Agenda
Fall SDRME Meeting Reports
5/20/2018-5/22/2018Louisville, KY2018 Meeting Agenda Updated
#SDRME Analytics
#SDRME Transcript
Cognitive Load Theory for Workplace Learning - A Scoping Review of Studies from Diverse Professions - Sewell
Comfort with Uncertainty - Reframing Our Conceptions of How Clinicians Navigate Complex Clinical Situations – Ilgen
Determining a “fit” Between Your Education Work & Publication Venues – Huggett and Blanco
5/1/2018Exec Committee Minutes 2017-2018May 2018
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11/6/2017BostonFall Meeting Agenda and Materials
5/21/2017-5/23/2017Minneapolis, MN2017 SDRME Meeting Program
2017 #SDRME Twitter Transcript
Using Dashboards - Kristi Ferguson
Advancement in Medical Education - Christopher Mooney
Instruments for Measuring Self-directed Learning and Self-regulated Learning - Adam Sawatsky
Tell Us Where It Hurts - Beth Bierer & Jenny Gibson
Are Educational Informatics the Future of Medical Education? Hugh Stoddard, Martin Pusic, Christina Cestone, David Cook
Grit - Beth Bierer
7/17/2016-7/19/2016Pittsburgh, PAStrategic Planning Session - Table Notes

Opening Session: Our Personal Histories with SDRME
Strategic Planning Session Slides

2016 SDRME Summer Meeting Agenda
Authorship Criteria Session Handout
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11/11/2015Baltimore, MDSDRME 2015 Fall Business Meeting Agenda
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SDRME 2015 Fall Business Meeting Reports
10/21/2015Conference CallSDRME Executive Committee-Fall Meeting-Minutes
8/10/2015Conference CallExec.Comm.Conf.Call Minutes-August 2015
6/28/2015-6/30/2015Salt Lake City, UTSDRME 2015 Mtg Program
SDRME 2015 Business Mtg Agenda
SDRME 2015_Business Mtg Reports
SDRME 2015 Mtg Membership Committee Report
SDRME 2015 Mtg CFAS Report
SDRME 2015 Mtg Business Mtg Minutes
Educational Research Productivity Challenge
Tips for Increasing Educational Research Productivity
Med Ed Review_Failure to Fail
Keeping Up with Med Ed Field
How to Improve Educational Scholarship_Description
Strategies for Keeping Up with the Literature
Organizational Change Handout
Med Ed Review_Scoping Review Motivation
Authorship Session Abstract
Educational Scholarship_Confessions of an itinerate preacher
AAMC Updates
Validity Kane
Group Pic
Executive Committee Minutes Summer 2015

Fall Business Meeting
Exec Cmte Fall Meeting
6/22/2014-6/24/2014Charleston, SCSummer Meeting Program

Exec Cmte Minutes

Business Meeting Minutes

August Exec Committee Minutes
GEA Grant Presentation
Huggett Stoddard Presentation
IRB Handout
Propensity Sampeling
Propensity Sampeling References
Assessment of Teams
Staying Current
Umbrella IRB
Unanticipated Consequences

Assessing Learning Enviornment
11/5/2013Philadelphia - AAMC2013 Fall Business Meeting
10/24/2013Conference CallExecutive Committee 2013 Fall Business Meeting
7/21/2013-7/23/2013Portland, OR (Vintage Plaza)2013 Summer Meeting Program
2013 Executive Committee Summer Meeting Minutes
2013 Business Meeting Minutes
Hot Topics in Medical Education
An Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary Review of Small Group Collaborative Learning
Rare Intellect Reading List
Implementation Science Dilemma handouts
Implementation Science slides
Role of PhDs in Medical Education: Summary
Self-Assessments for Program
11/4/2012San Francisco -AAMC 2012 Fall Executive Committee Meeting
2012 Fall Business Meeting
6/17/2012-6/19/2012Annapolis, MD (Historic Inns of Annapolis)2012 Summer Meeting Program
2012 Executive Committee Summer Meeting Minutes
2012 Business Meeting Minutes
Systematic Review Workshop Handout
Systematic Review of Social Accountability Presentation
Rare Intellect reference list
Physical Examination Education in Graduate Medical Education
1/19/2012Ex Comm Conference Call 2012 Ex Comm Winter Conf Call
11/6/2011AAMC Annual Meeting, Denver, CO2011 Denver Business Mtg
2011 Denver Ex Comm Mtg
9/14/2011Ex Comm Conference CallEx Comm Conference Call Minutes
7/10/2011-7/12/2011Hilton Monona Terrace (Madison, WI)2011 Summer Meeting Program
Executive Committee meeting
2011 Summer Meeting Business Meeting Minutes
LuAnn Wilkerson leadership presentation
Wilkerson - slides from Toronto
"In Three Words" results
Rare Intellect reading list
Dashboard agenda and worksheet
Business intelligence and dashboards outline
Dave Cook - Quality Research
SDRME members on editorial boards
4/29/2011Ex Comm Conference CallConference Call Minutes
2/14/2011-2/15/2011Exec Comm (Omaha, NE)Executive Committee meeting minutes
12/17/2010Exec Comm Conference CallConference Call minutes
11/7/2010Washington DCExec Comm AND Business Meeting
8/27/2010Executive Committee Conference CallConference Call minutes
6/27/2010-6/29/2010Hilton Chicago/Indian LakesRegister - pay by check
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2010 Summer Meeting Program
Exec Comm minutes 6-27-10
Business Meeting 6-27-10
Reading List
Slides from Brownie Anderson talk
Med Students as Teachers session summary
Med Ed Research Competencies
3/22/2010Conference Call
Executive Comm Conference Call 3.22.10
2/21/2010-2/22/2010CincinnatiExecutive Comm Mtg Minutes
11/8/2009Boston, MAFall Business Meeting Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting Notes
10/23/2009Conference CallExecutive Committee Meeting Notes
9/23/2009Conference CallExecutive Committee Meeting Notes
8/25/2009Conference CallExecutive Committee Meeting Notes
6/14/2009-6/17/2009Santa Fe, NMRegistration Form
Summer Business Meeting Notes
Executive Committee Meeting Notes
Teaching Students to Teach: Courses and Programs
Teaching Students to Teach: References
Teaching Elective Handout
Update on SDRME Review of Teaching Awards
Teaching Skills for Medical Students - Jeff Pettit and Kristi Ferguson
Teaching Students to Teach - Katie Huggett
Interpretation of Results of Research in Medical Education - Jerry Colliver
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine - Elaine Dannefer
Mixed Methods - Bill Burton
Fostering Faculty Development in Scholarly Activities
From the Health Commonsto Health Extension - Arthur Kaufman
11/2/2008San Antonio, TX Fall Business Meeting Minutes
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
8/27/2008Conference CallExecutive Committee Meeting Minutes
7/6/2008-7/9/2008Grove Park Inn, Asheville N.C.Meeting Invitation
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Request for Your Expertise
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3/17/2008Conference Call Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
2/26/2008Minneapolis, Minnesota Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
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5/19/2006-5/20/2006New York, NYBusiness Meeting Minutes
6/18/2005-6/22/2005Blaine, WashingtonMeeting Invitation
Ground Transportation Options
Ground Transportation Options
11/7/2004Boston, MassachusettsBusiness Meeting Minutes
6/24/2004-6/27/2004Traverse City, MichiganBusiness Meeting Minutes
Council of Academic Societies (Fact Sheet)
Articles of Association
11/9/2003Washington, D.C.Business Meeting Agenda
7/10/2003-7/13/2003Santa Fe, New Mexico Business Meeting Minutes
11/10/2002San Francisco, CaliforniaBusiness Meeting Minutes
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11/1/2001Washington, D.C.Business Meeting Minutes
7/11/2001-7/15/2001Digby Pines, Nova ScotiaBusiness Meeting Minutes
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11/1/2000Chicago, IL
10/29/2000Chicago, IllinoisFall Business Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting
7/9/2000-7/12/2000Whistler, British ColumbiaSummer Business Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting
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7/9/2000British Columbia (Whistler)Business Meeting Minutes
2/11/2000-2/12/2000Baltimore, MarylandExecutive Committee Meeting
10/24/1999Washington, D.C.Business Meeting Minutes
7/11/1999-7/14/1999Spring Green, WIBusiness Meeting Minutes
Summer Executive Committee
Proposed By-Laws Revision
Summer Meeting Program
2/18/1999-2/20/1999New York, New YorkExecutive Committee Meeting
11/1/1998New Orleans General Meeting Minutes
7/9/1998-7/11/1998Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaSummer Meeting Program
7/1/1998Philadelphia Business Meeting Minutes
11/1/1997Washington, D.C.Business Meeting Minutes
7/13/1997-7/16/1997Santa Fe, New MexicoNewsletter
Summer Meeting Program
7/1/1997Sante Fe Business Meeting Minutes
Summary of Meeting
7/21/1996-11/9/1996Asheville, North CarolinaSummer Business Meeting
Fall Business Meeting
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6/4/1994-10/31/1994Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaFall Business Meeting
6/20/1993-11/8/1993North Hatley, QuebecSummer Business Meeting
Fall Business Meeting
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President Report
6/20/1992-11/9/1992Santa Fe, New MexicoSummer Business Meeting
Fall Business Meeting
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Representative Roster - 1992
6/1/1991-11/11/1991Asilomar, CaliforniaSummer Business Meeting
Fall Business Meeting
Summer Meeting Program
Summer Meeting Program 2
3/4/1990-10/22/1990Niagra-on-the-Lake, OntarioSpring Executive Committee Meeting
Fall Business Meeting
Summer Business Meeting
Summer Business Meeting 2
6/13/1989-6/14/1989Asilomar, CaliforniaExecutive Committee Meeting
Summer Business Meeting
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8/1/1988-11/14/1988August Executive Committee Meeting
November Executive Committee Meeting
November Business Meeting

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2013 Fall Business Meeting
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