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The Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education (SDRME) is issuing a call for review paper-proposals. SDRME is interested in review proposals that will make a substantial contribution to advancing practice, theory, or research in medical education. We welcome a variety of review methods for identifying and synthesizing relevant published literature, including (but not limited to) critical, conceptual, scoping, realist and systematic reviews. Reviews are expected to be completed within two years from the time grant monies are first received. Up to $5000 in funding will be awarded to the first author. Travel expenses to attend the SDRME meeting to present the completed research will also be awarded ($2000 in addition to the grant award).

Proposal Samples

SDRME Invited Review Call 2023 to view the 2023 RFA Deadline: October 2, 2023 (11:59 Pacific time).
Here is an example of a successful proposal (from 2008)
Here is another successful proposal (from 2012)
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Here is another successful proposal from 2013
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The commissioned reviews to date are listed below.

Funded Reviews (In Progress)

Year of Award: Authors and Title:
2022Michael Gottlieb, MD
Holistic Reviews in Applicant Selection: A Scoping Review
2022Kelsey Miller, MD, EdM
Learning Through Teaming - Examining How Individuals Develop Through Transient Collaborations
2021Jerusalem Merkebu
Emotions and Emotional Regulation in Clinical Reasoning: What Is Known? A Scoping Review.
2021Jeffrey J.H. Cheung
How and Why is “Fidelity” Applied in Simulation-Based Learning? A Scoping Review of Realism, Authenticity, and Functional Task Alignment in Health Professions Education.
2020Dina García
A scoping review of anti-racism curricula in undergraduate and graduate medical education
2020Yvonne Steinert
Social Network Analysis in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Education: A Scoping Review
2019Sandrijn van Schaik
How can simulation improve teamwork? A scoping review of interventions using interprofessional simulation-based team training.
2019Renate Kahlke
Interview Elicitation Techniques in Health Professions Education Research: An Integrative Review
2018Larry Hurtubise
Clinician Educators: What is known about Multiple Professional Identities Formation?
2018Gustavo Valbuena
Inquiry curriculum as a step toward developing adaptive expertise. A scoping review
2017Lorelei A. Lingard
Assessment beyond the individual: A scoping review on measuring interdependent performance in collaborative environments
2015Adam Sawatsky
Instruments for measuring self-directed learning and self-regulated learning in health professions education: a systematic review
2013Meredith Young
How Do We Measure How We Think? A Scoping Review on the Measurement of Clinical Reasoning
2012Hollis Day
Assessment of Team Competencies in Practice: Implications for Medical Education
2011Abby L. Spencer (Allegheny General Hospital and Temple University College of Medicine)
Incorporating Patient Safety Education into Residency Training: A Literature Review
2010Gilbert Ramirez
A Systematic Review of Social Accountability in Medical Education.
2008Jon Veloski
Methods Used to Measure Physician Performance in Clinical Simulations

Funded Reviews (Published)

Year of Award: Authors and Title:
2017Kevin Eva
Incentivizing Medical Teachers: Exploring the Role of Incentives in Influencing Motivations
Acad Med. 2018; 93(11S):S52-S59.

Proposal title: Incentivizing Medical Teachers: Exploring the role of incentives in influencing clinicians’ motivations to teach

2016Jonathan Ilgen
Comfort with uncertainty: reframing our conceptions of how clinicians navigate complex clinical situations
Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract. Epub ahead of print, 2018 Nov 2

Proposal title: Knowing Enough to Act: Exploring the tension between certainty and flexibility in clinical reasoning.

Free view-only full text available at:


2016J. Matthew Fields
Ultrasonography in undergraduate medical education: A systematic review
J Ultrasound Med. Epub ahead of print, 2018 Apr 30

Proposal title: Ultrasonography as an adjunct in undergraduate medical education: A systematic review

2016Gisèle Bourgeois-Law
Remediation in Practicing Physicians: Current and Alternative Conceptualizations
Acad Med. Epub ahead of print, 24 April 2018

Proposal title: Remediation of Practicing Physicians: A Scoping Review

2015Justin L. Sewell (University of California San Francisco)
Cognitive load theory for training health professionals in the workplace: A BEME review of studies among diverse professions: BEME Guide No. 53
Med Teach. Epub ahead of print, 17 Oct 2018

Proposal title: Cognitive load theory in the workplace and implications for health professions education: A critical‐realist review of studies among diverse professions

2014O'Brien, B. C., Battista, A.
Situated learning theory in health professions education research: A scoping review.
Advances in Health Sciences Education. 2020; 25: 483-509.

Proposal title: Situated learning theory in health professions education research: A scoping review

2014Monica Yepes-Rios
The failure to fail underperforming trainees in health professions education: A BEME systematic review
Medical Teacher 2016;38:1092-1099

Proposal title: Failure to Fail Underperforming Trainees in Health Professions: A BEME Scoping Review of the Barriers Inhibiting Educators

2013Shelley Ross, Cassandra Pirraglia, Alexandra M. Aquilina & Rosslynn Zulla
Effective competency-based medical education requires learning environments that promote a mastery goal orientation: A narrative review
Medical Teacher 44:5, 527-534, DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2021.2004307

Proposal Title: Practical Application of Motivation Theory to Health Professions Education: A Scoping Review and Examples for Practice

2012Jorie Colbert‐Getz
Assessing medical students' and residents' perceptions of the learning environment: exploring validity evidence for the interpretation of scores from existing tools.
Acad Med. 2014;89:1687-93

Proposal title: Tools to measure the learning environment in medical education: A systematic review of validity evidence

2011Anna T. Cianciolo (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine)
Learning Theory and Educational Intervention: Producing Meaningful Evidence of Impact Through Layered Analysis.
Acad Med. (online early, January 2019)

Proposal title: An Integrative, Multi-Disciplinary Review of Small-Group Collaborative Learning

2010Gingerich A, Regehr G, Eva KW.
Rater-based assessments as social judgments: rethinking the etiology of rater errors.
Acad Med. 2011;86(10 Suppl):S1-7.

Proposal title: Towards a reduction of rater errors by better understanding rater cognition (Andrea Gingerich, Dave Snadden, Glenn Regehr, Kevin Eva)

2009Murad MH, Coto-Yglesias F, Varkey P, Prokop LJ, Murad AL.
The effectiveness of self-directed learning in health professions education: a systematic review.
Medical Education. 2010 Nov;44(11):1057-68.
2009Mookherjee & Chou
Physical examination education in graduate medical education-a systematic review of the literature
J Gen Intern Med. 2013; 28:1090-9
2009Bridget OBrien et al
Standards for Reporting Qualitative Research: A Synthesis of Recommendations
Acad Med. 2014 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Proposal title: A Systematic Review of the Quality of Reporting on Qualitative Research in Medical Education

2008Cook DA, Erwin P, Triola M.
Computerized Virtual Patients in Health Professions Education: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Academic Medicine. 2010;85:1589-1602.
2008Huggett KN, Greenberg RB, Rao D, Richards B, Chauvin SW, Fulton TB, Kalishman S, Littlefield J, Perkowski L, Robins L, Simpson D
The design and utility of institutional teaching awards: A literature review
Med Teach. 2012;34:907-19

Proposal title:A review of literature on teaching awards (Katie Huggett et al)

2003Eva KW, Regehr G.
Self-assessment in the health professions: a reformulation and research agenda.
Academic Medicine 2005; 80(10 Suppl):S46-54
2002Mann KV, Gordon J, MacLeod A.
Reflection and reflective practice in health professions education: a systematic review.
Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract. 2009; 14:595-621
Albanese, M. A. & Mitchell, S.
Problem-based learning: a review of literature on its outcomes and implementation issues.
Academic Medicine 1993; 68:52-81.
Irby, D. M.
Teaching and learning in ambulatory care settings: a thematic review of the literature.
Academic Medicine 1995; 70:898-931.
Regehr, G. & Norman, G. R.
Issues in cognitive psychology: implications for professional education.
Academic Medicine 1996; 71:988-1001.
Xu, G., Hojat, M., Veloski, J.J., & Gonnella, J.S.
The changing health care system: A research agenda for medical Education.
Evaluation & the Health Professions 1999; 22:152-168.
Bowen JL, Irby D.
Assessing quality and costs of education in the ambulatory setting: a review of the literature.
Academic Medicine 2002; 77:621-80.
Howley L, Szauter K, Perkowski L, Clifton M, McNaughton N.
Quality of standardised patient research reports in the medical education literature: review and recommendations.
Med Ed 2008; 42:350-358.